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A little about me!

Hi I'm Kristie, CPT

Introducing your ultimate Health Coach, ready to rock your world! Get ready, busy ladies, because I'm here to help you completely transform the way you think about health, fitness, and most importantly, yourself. Say goodbye to the old and hello to a brand new you, bursting with inner healing and radiance!

Picture this: as you embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery and growth, you'll uncover the secrets to nourishing your body in the most amazing way possible. We're not talking short-term fixes here, ladies. We're talking about lifelong thriving and vitality!

Now, let me spill the tea on how I became utterly obsessed with women's health and wellness. It all started with my own personal healing journey, and boy, was it a game-changer! Inspired by my own transformation, I founded A Strong Soul Wellness, a haven where women like you can experience a fresh and invigorating approach to health and fitness. So they go from a shame spiral to Self Love in no time!

My mission? Simple. To empower you to live your best life—healthier, happier, and fuller than ever before! And guess what? We achieve just that in our incredible 12-week coaching program. Together, we'll embark on an exhilarating adventure filled with laughter, growth, and oh-so-amazing results!

So, if you're ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle, uncover your true potential, and radiate confidence like never before, then jump on board! Join me in this awe-inspiring journey and let's make magic happen. The best version of you awaits, and trust me, it's gonna be one wild and incredible ride!


12- Week Private Coaching

Experience this life-changing transformation that my 1:1 clients have all had a 100% success rate and left feeling more empowered & happier in themselves than ever before! Together we heal self-image wounds, learn to nourish your body, and prioritize emotional health for a perspective shift on health, fitness, and your body. With me, you can build the body and life you desire while still enjoying life & date nights! This is a sustainable lifestyle transformation that will forever change your well-being. No more fad diets or sacrifices—find balance and feel more freedom, confidence, and joy than ever. Here we find a life of Self-Love to create a beautiful future filled with health, and unparalleled happiness so you can thrive!

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Passion Projects

Our Healing Spaces & A Strong Soul Wellness bring you your new favorite YouTube Series. Real conversations by women for women on self-love, emotional safety, and vulnerability. Join us on the first & third Friday of every month for the ultimate girls' night! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

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The reason my clients have a 100 % success rate

The Cornerstone Method: It's Easy. It's Different. It's Sustainable. You'll never look at health and fitness the same again!

Step 1: Embrace Your Power

Discover your inner strength and embrace the incredible potential within you. We'll help you break free from self-limiting beliefs, empowering you to take charge of your health and fitness journey.

Step 2: Rewrite Your Story

Leave behind the baggage of the past and create a new narrative. Learn to let go of negative patterns, overcome obstacles, and develop a positive mindset that supports your transformation.

Step 3: Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Soul
Experience the joy of learning how to nourish your body with wholesome, delicious foods while still enjoying your favorite sweet treats! Prepare to fall head over heels in love with feeling fit, strong, and energized! Strength training will become your new best friend as you unlock the secrets to sculpting a powerful and resilient body.

Step 4: Prioritize Your Emotional Well-being
Recognize the importance of emotional health and learn powerful techniques to cultivate self-care, mindfulness, and self-love. Unleash your true potential by nurturing your emotional well-being alongside your physical transformation.

Step 5: Build Your Healthy Foundation
Establish lifelong habits that will sustain your newfound vitality. We'll help you create a solid foundation for your well-being, ensuring that your transformation lasts for years to come.

Bold, fun, and worth every penny, The Cornerstone Method is more than a health and fitness program – it's a life-altering experience.

Invest in yourself, prioritize your well-being, and unlock a totally different life with The Cornerstone Method. Get ready to unleash your full potential and become the vibrant, empowered woman you were always meant to be!

How I can help you...

Private Coaching

12-Week Private Coaching

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The Cornerstone to Healthy Living

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So far, I've lost 13.66" overall. While my weight has dropped very little, I've seen massive changes in my body. My pants and shirts are actually fitting loosely, which is something I haven't experienced in a long time! I no longer have hip pain, and the anterior pelvic tilt I've been battling for years is almost 100% non-existent. While I've seen changes physically, the mental shift has been mind blowing. I really can't even explain it. I'm getting married in August, and I've avoided so many tasks because of how I felt about myself. I didn't book engagement photos (even though they are included in the package I paid for) because I hated my body. I avoided wedding dress shopping until I couldn't any longer because I knew no matter what dress I put on, I wasn't going to feel beautiful. I've avoided SO MANY THINGS because of how unhappy I was with myself. After working with Kristie for only 3 weeks, I scheduled an appointment at the bridal shop, tried on dresses with ZERO body shame, and felt content with myself and my body. For the first time in forever, I embraced myself and my body AND had the confidence to know that I was going to look and feel even better in that dress when my wedding day rolls around. All this time I thought I just needed to improve my body, but that was obviously not the case. I needed a mind, body and soul reset, and that's what Kristie is helping me achieve!



Let's find out if working together is what you need to build the body & life you desire!

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